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Welcome to our gallery.

Here you will find a lots and lots of images of arrangements that have been part of our past collections as well as custom orders we have created for our customers.

Please note that most of what you see here is not currently available, but we showcase it here for your inspiration!

See something you love? Send us an email, or give us a call and see how we can help you create the arrangement of your dreams! 


39 products
  • Optic Alliums
  • Dandelion Mix Dream
  • The Dadelion Dream
  • Outdoor Boxwood Hedge
  • Icelandic Poppies
  • Water Garden Roses
  • Peony Hydrangea Bowl
  • Peony Medley
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  • Magnolia Blossom In Glass
  • Pine Grass IK
  • Pine Grass Square
  • Sage Grass in Black Square
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  • Magnolia Arran
  • Tabletop Orchid Plant
  • Garden Fresh –Soft Item # 805
  • Milky Glass Grass Item # 823
  • Garden Fresh- Contrast Item #804
  • Magnolia in Glass , small
  • Driftwood Orchid 24"
  • Orchid in Water M
  • Tulip in Marble Ball
  • Orchid Hydra Combo
  • Tiber Blossom
  • Cala Bundle